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3D-Print Gold Jewelry in VicenzaOro

VICENZAORO is a key international event for the jewellery industry. Wang Kaifang × Nemesi 3D-print gold jewelry series will shown in VicenzaOro January 2015

Galaxy K Jewelry series: Ring/Necklace

Galaxy-K could be the miniaturized universe, could it be the magnified cell. It symbolizes the interrelated society as well as the complicated and interactive human relationship in the society. The Galaxy-K series reveals the artist’s contemporary perception on the oriental cosmology, which highlights that everything in the universe, from the macro to the micro, from objects to emotions, is interlinked with each other.

Wind Jewelry series: Bracelet/Necklace

Wind is a form of Qi. It’s the breath of the universe and could feel the pulse of life. The Wind series works with the oriental Zen, condensing the ethereal moments, stroking the neck, lingering in the arms, and moving like a wind. In the creation, through the simulation of wind tunnel test and the research and development of high-tech, it has set a new record in the world’s largest 3D printed pure gold jewelry.