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Wang Kaifang’s latest works @Art Beijing 2019

Wang Kaifang’s latest works, Besieged Gold Brick City and The Statue of Mad Liberty, showing now in Art Beijing 2019, the ARTPARK public art section curated by “Art Intervention”.

Besieged Gold Brick City is located at the entrance of the Art Beijing Contemporary Pavilion. It consists of five gold bricks to create a bright and dazzling space. The visitors walk through it, taking photos, selfies at various angles. Entertaining and dangerous, just like the space we live in, the joy is full of dangers, which bring more joyful on the contrary.

Besieged Gold Brick City
4.2×4×2.4m, Titanium-coated Stainless Steel, 2019

The space is duplicated and superimposed layers by layers. The mirrored city, nature and human beings are fragmented and mixed together. The illusionary glamour of the gold captivates us, perplexes us and lures us to find our new direction, an epitome of our current life in this era. This is the Besieged Gold Brick City, people inside yearn for rushing out, people outside yearn for rushing in.

The world created by mankind is infinitely folded

Conflict in pleasure
Lost in prosperity
Misplaced in photoshop
Endangered in progress

The Statue of Mad Liberty, also shown in the Art Beijing, located on the boulevard in front of Hall 11. This work turns the Statue of Liberty into an air dancer, swing in the wind just like people with liberty overdose.

Wind: The Statue of Mad Liberty
46×46×475cm ×5, Oil Painting on Fabric, Air Blower, 2019

The distorted, mad and abnormal freedom presents the initial joy and subsequent panic, which is what our current world looks like. The Statue of Mad Liberty embodies the society, humanity, science & technology, art… and the diversified scenes of our civilization.