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“Tiananmen” was nominated for the Beijing Design Week Gold Award

Judge’s comments
“There are not many designs that really focus on Beijing. There are even fewer designs that represent contemporary Beijing, and that can actively and kindly promote democracy and progress. The “I Love Beijing Tiananmen” series combines design and art, aesthetics and function, and ideology. The focus is on organic integration, the development of interesting, useful and powerful contemporary products, the new expression of Chinese contemporary design concepts and the social responsibilities of designers! The series products have already highlighted good market potential and social influence, and will become A representative of Beijing’s New Era design. The designer was born in Beijing and his works infiltrate love and expectations for Beijing.”


“I love Beijing Tiananmen”, stainless steel, crystal

With the Tiananmen as a symbol, the system develops practical, ornamental contemporary products, tourist souvenirs and artworks. Tiananmen Square is a symbol of Beijing and a symbol of China. It is the progress of the times that Tiananmen can dilute its political meanings and restore it to the people. The series include more than 20 models, like building blocks, bonsai, incense burner, piggy bank, book holder, etc. Participated in more than ten art fairs, design exhibitions, art exhibitions and charity auctions in 2010-2011, such as New York, France Metz, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc. Design, fashion, art magazines have reported that it is also one of the choices for the national gift. The first “Piggy Bank” has been collected by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


New York International Art Fair, France Metz International Art Exhibition, Swarovski Crystal Design Exhibition, 13th Beijing International Art Fair, Art Beijing Art Fair, Shanghai International Art Fair, Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Hangzhou Art Fair, Century Altar International Design Week, Bazaar Star Charity Night, etc., the work was nominated for the 2011 Beijing International Design Week “Design Beijing Award” and was carried by Shenzhou 8 to achieve the first space journey of Chinese contemporary art.