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Wang Kaifang

Artist, Architect, Designer

1967, Born in a diplomat’s family in Beijing, China
1991, Graduated from the Architecture Department of Beijing Architecture University

Wang Kaifang is remarked as the most influential cross-disciplinary artist in China. His art and design creations involve multiple disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, astronomy and anthropology. Hisunique creativity and distinct artistic expression run through his creations in diversified fields. WangKaifang’s works have been widely exhibited in renowned international art fairs and art exhibitions in USA, France, Canada, Germany and China etc., receiving many major international and national-level awards in art, architecture and design fields. His art works have been exhibited and selected as permanent collection in renowned national art museum, institutions as well as widely collected by international and Chinese art collectors and social celebrities. Wang Kaifang has traveled to over 90 countries, actively participated in international marathon and Ironman International Triathlon, published some 100 essays and created more than 300 works in art, design and architecture fields. His works range from architecture, urban planning and landscape design, interior design, jewelry and fashion design, graphic and visual design, product design (the only product designer in China commissioned by Swarovski Elements), to sculpture, installation, painting, calligraphy, video and photography, art fair and art exhibition scenography design etc., reflecting the experimental, open, exploratory and contemporary characteristics of his creations. He’s been commissioned by multiple renowned international luxury brands including Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Cartier, Coca Cola, Swarovski, HP and Johnnie Walker etc. and sits in the experts’ panel of the China Public Art Committee. He has won multiple official awards including “the Most Influential Artist” from the China Ministry of Culture, “the Designer of the Year” in China, Interior Design “Hall of Fame” member and honoree. He is the only Chinese contemporary artist, whose art works have been selected by the Chinese government to travel with the renowned Chinese “Shenzhou-8”, “Shenzhou-9” and “Shenzhou-10” spacecrafts. President George W. Bush of the USA spoke highly of his architectural concept design for the rebuilding of the Twin Towers and some of his art pieces have entered the private collections of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and France Deputy Prime Minster Patrick Devedjian. Wang Kaifang has devoted himself to promoting the contemporary civilization development and humanistic care via his cross-disciplinary creations and the spreading of his philosophy.

Artist’s Cross-Disciplinary Creation Concepts

Wang Kaifang is remarked as the most influential cross-disciplinary artist in China. His new book published in 2013 was entitled “On the Origin of Species by Means of Design”, which is the epitome of his artistic concepts and inspirational source of his cross-disciplinary creations. Out of his unique perspective, Wang Kaifang expresses in this book his unique perception on the formation of the universe, all things on earth, human beings as well as the interactions among them. He also shares with the readers his introspection on the human civilization and his supplication on human evolution in future. This is what his understanding about art is and what he advocates in terms of the supreme state of art creation—to care for every being in the universe; to create with concern, care and love and to make art warm our hearts.

To Wang Kaifang, Grand Wisdom exists in the universe, which created everything in the world. Each creation by the Grand Wisdom leaves its enlightenment to us. The Human Being is a special species bestowed with special mission, ceaselessly perceiving and learning the creation of new civilization. Art, design, science and philosophy are our ongoing process of perceiving the Grand Wisdom. The inevitable trend of creation is cross-disciplinary and integration, leading to people’s more profound perception of the meaning of life and creation of new life. “Genesis” is the mission of human beings as well as the ultimate objective of the art development. With his new perceptions of the modern civilization and contemporary art, in view of the ecological and existent crisis of human beings resulted from the rapid development of human civilization, Wang Kaifang is more clearly determined of the mission and direction of his artistic creation in future.

Major Solo Exhibitions

2017 “Golden Arrow”, Solana Park New Year Exhibition, Beijing
2015 “From Gold on”,  Wang Kaifang Solo Exhibition, Poly “Art Up” International Art Fair, Beijing
2014 “Golden Age – Wang Kaifang Digital Sculpture Exhibition”, Beijing
2013 “From the Universe – Wang Kaifang Digital Sculpture Exhibition”, the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), Beijing
2013 “Maleonn’s Shanghai Fairytales and Wang Kaifang’s Beijing Dreams” Exhibition, New York
2013 “Glorious China, Auspicious Macau” – Wang Kaifang’s Gold Bricks Exhibition, Macau
2013 “Immaterial – Wang Kaifang Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition”, Beijing
2011 “Humanism” Volkswagen Art Exhibition, Beijing
2009 “Being Touched – Urban Art Exhibition”, Beijing
2008 “Power of Discourse – Wang Kaifang Conceptual Art Exhibition”, Beijing
2008 “Thread of Smoke – Urban Art Exhibition”, Beijing

Major Group Exhibitions

2019 the 1st “the Belt and Road” Art Plus International Fair, Shanghai
2019 the 29th Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney, Australia
2019 the 2nd Sculpture Projects Ping Yao, Shanxi
2019 Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair, Beijing
2018 the 2nd United Nations Art & Design Exhibition, New York
2017 Curitiba International Art Biennale, Brazil
2017 Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair, Beijing
2015 “Architecture China 1000 (2000-2015)”, Beijing
2015 “Island Utopia”- San Ya Art and Design Week, San Ya
2014 Art Beijing, Beijing
2014 “Beyond Architecture”, Beijing/Shanghai/Rome
2013 Art Beijing, Beijing
2012 the 15th Beijing Art Expo, Beijing
2012 Life and Art: Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition Nominated by President of CAFA (the Central Academy of Fine Arts), Beijing
2012 White Box Art and Design 100, Beijing
2012 International Design Week, Beijing
2012 International Design Week, Guangzhou
2012 Beijing International Design Week, Beijing
2012 the 9th International Interior Design Biennial, Beijing
2012 the 3rd International Furnishing Art Biennial, Beijing
2012 Conceptual Space Exhibition, Beijing
2012 Asia AFE Expo, HK
2011 Art Taipei, Taiwan
2011 SH Contemporary, Shanghai
2011 Art Beijing, Beijing
2011 the 14th Beijing Art Expo, Beijing
2011 Top Marques 2011, shanghai
2010 ARTEXPO NY, America
2010 Art Metz, France
2012 Expo 2010 Jing’An International Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai
2010 Expo 2010 Austrian Pavilion Exhibition, Shanghai
2010 Beijing International Art Biennial, Beijing
2010 Art Beijing, Beijing
2010 “Future Life” Art and Design Exhibition, Beijing
2010 Hangzhou Art Fair, Hangzhou
2009 Internationale Frankfurter Herbstmesse, Germany
2009 SH Contemporary, Shanghai
2009 Contemporary Art Exhibition for the 60th Anniversary of The People’s Republic of China, Beijing 2009 Art Beijing, Beijing
2009 “Flowing Art” International Art Exhibition, Beijing
2009 “Burgeoning 2009” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing
2009 “Originality” Installation Art Exhibition, Beijing
2009 “Originality” Installation Art Exhibition, Beijing
2009 “Polar Tension” Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu Renowned Contemporary Artist Exhibition, Chengdu 2009 the 21st Montreal International Architecture and Interior Design Festival, Canada
2009 “100% Design” International Design Exhibition, Shanghai
2009 Beijing International Design Exhibition, Beijing
2009 “Originality” Design Exhibition, Beijing
2008 Art Taipei, Tai Wan
2008 SH Contemporary, Shanghai
2008 “Art Beijing”, Beijing
2008 Beijing 798 Art Festival, Beijing
2008 “China Image” Inaugural China Sculpture Exhibition
2008 “They” Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing
2008 “Welcome” China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing
2008 Wang Kaifang Conceptual Art Solo Show, Beijing
2008 the 20th Montreal International Architecture and Interior Design Festival, Canada
2008 Shanghai International Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition, Shanghai
2008 “100% Design” International Design Exhibition, Shanghai
2008 China International Architecture and Art Biennial, Beijing
2008 China International Interior Design Biennial, Beijing

Academic Lectures and Talks

2015 Key lecturer in “Wang’s Art” – Italy-China Design Communications in Italy
2015 Key lecturer in “China Design Global Promotion” in Bangalore
2015 Key lecturer in International Architects Fair in Shanghai
2014 Key lecturer in CBC Talk Master Class in Beijing
2014 Key lecturer in SMART International Resort Real Estates Development, Design, Operation, Investment and Financing Conference
2014 Key lecturer in National Designers Summit in Beijing
2014 Lecturer in China Residential Design Award Ceremony in Chong Qing
2014 Key lecturer in “Architecture Era” Forum in Shanghai Expo Center
2014 Key lecturer in the art forum of “Art Beijing 2014” International Art Fair
2014 Key lecturer in CCAA China Culture and Art Auditorium
2013 Key lecturer in International Design Week in Beijing
2013 Key lecturer in International Design Week in Guang Zhou
2013 Key Lecturer in World Interior Meeting, Amsterdam (WIM)
2013 Key Lecturer in China Speech Tour organized by China Interior Design “Jin Tang” Prize
2004-2012 Lecturer in Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
2012 Lecturer in Beijing Technology and Business University
2012 Speaker at Guangzhou Design Week Forum
2011 Speaker at Top Designer Communication Seminar, Amsterdam
2011 Lecturer in Central Academy of Fine Arts
2011 Lecturer in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
2010 Speaker at Art and Design Forum, Essen
2010 Speaker at Interior Design and Decoration Trade Show, Feria Habitat Valencia, Spain 2009 Speaker at the 3rd China International Architecture and Art Biennial
2009 Speaker at Montreal International Architecture and Design Biennial, Canada
2008 Lecturer in Si Chuan Academy of Fine Arts
2008 Lecturer in Si Chuan Normal University
2008 Lecturer in Si Chuan University of Science and Engineering
2008 Speaker at 798 Art Festival Forum
2003 Speaker at UNSW, Australia
1993 Speaker at China Architecture and Decoration Development Forum, Washington D.C.


2013 <On the Origin of Species – by Means of Design>(Chinese/English Bi-lingual)
2013 <From the Universe>
2008 <Floating Clouds and Flowing Water>
Over 100 academic articles and column articles in multiple magazines

Global Collections

Pompidou Center, France
New York City Archives and Information Committee, USA
The National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), China
Shanghai Expo Pavilion, China
Tony Blair (Former British Prime Minister)
Patrick Devedjian (Former Deputy Prime Minister, France)
Important institutions and private collectors in overseas and in China

Wang Kaifang’s Studio

Renowned art, cultural and creative studio in China, frequented by multiple Central government officials and provincial government officials
China Aerospace Creative Industry Base;
Product Research Studio Specially Authorized by SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS