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Art for Businesses and Commercial

Art has a long-lasting vitality and charm. Wang Kaifang creating high quality space design with low cost, replacing high-grade materials or complicated construction with the added value of art.

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∞ Harmony

Art Work Design Interior Retail Sculpture Wind series

Time Loop

Art Work Interior Retail Sculpture Wind series
Wang Kaifang Cafe Design-

NAMOC Museum Coffee

Design Food & Beverage Interior
Kuwait Hilton Hotel

Kuwait Hilton Hotel, 2014

Design Hospitality Interior
Wang Kaifang Office Design

Wang Kaifang Studio, 2011

Corporate Design Interior
Wang Kaifang Facade Design

D-PARK Art Center

Architecture Design
Wang Kaifang Restaurant Design Tiandihui Club

Tian Di Hui Club, 2008

Design Food & Beverage Interior

VV Club

Design Food & Beverage Interior
Wang Kaifang Design

Cheng Tian Theater

Architecture Design Interior
Wang Kaifang Design

Ten-Thousand-Buddha Pagodas

Architecture Design

Celebrity House

Design Interior Residential

Jing Cheng Haibawang Restaurant

Architecture Design Food & Beverage Interior

Friendship Hotel

Design Hospitality Interior

2018 Wuliangye Art Edition, Product Design,
2017 MGM Cotai Guo Pei Art Space, Macau, Interior Design
2017 Yantai Pula Vally, Interior Design and Landscape Design
2016 Zhang Shuai Haute Couture Studio, Façade Design
2016 The World of Meilin – Han Meilin at 80 Art Exhibition, Exhibition Design
2016 National Museum of China Derivatives Design
2015 Moutai art bottle design
2015 Elion Art Museum, Beijing, Interior Design
2015 Elion Courtyard Club, Beijing, Interior Design
2015 Elion V Theater, Hohhot, Interior Design and VI Design
2015 Big cat film culture interior design
2015 Vanke Expo Derivative Design
2015 Datang Hesheng Tile Headquarters Building, Foshan, Interior design
2015 Swarovski Beijing office, interior design
2015 Trends Group Office Building, Interior Design
2014 Cafe in The National Art Museum of China, Interior Design
2014 Wusheng Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Architectural Design and Landscape Design
2014 Hilton Kuwait Public Area, Interior Design
2014 Sunhe Government Cultural Museum, Architectural Design
2013 Zuo Village Hot Spring Culture and Recreation Resort, Panzhihua, Landscape Design
2013 Guangzhou Design Zhou Jintang Awards, Exhibition Design
2013 Zens Frankfurt Exhibition Design
2010-2012 The 13th-15th Beijing Art EXPO, China World Trade Center, Beijing, Exhibition and VI Design
2012 Heavenly Urns, Product Design
2012 Tower Cup, Product Design
2012 Replacement Apartment Showroom in Beijing, Interior Design
2011 Art Taipei International Art Fair, Exhibition Design
2011 Fleet Entertainment, business building and media building in Beijing, interior design
2011 Huang Xiaoming studio, interior design
2011 Harbin West Railway Station, Landscape Sculpture and Interior Design
2010 Beijing Jietai Temple, Planning, Architecture and Interior Design
2010 Dandong Central Park Development Zone, Planning, Architecture and Interior Design
2010 Fuzhou National Animation Industry Base, Planning Design
2010 Ecological Park of Jing Xiang Historical Site in Henan Province, Architectural and Landscape Design
2009 Treands building, Beijing, interior design
2009 Zhonghui Garden International Hotel, Interior Design and Landscape Design
2009 Swarovski Elements China invited designer
2009 Urban Development Planning and Architectural Landscape Design of Wusheng County, Sichuan Province
2009 Yinchuan Wealth Center Building Renovation
2008 Beijing Schengen International Hotel Public Area, Interior Design
2008 D-PARK Art Center, Building Renovation
2008 Tianjin Tian Di Hui Club, Interior Design
2007 Best Western OL Stadium Hotel Beijing, Interior Design
2007 VV Club, Interior Design
2006-2008 Building Reconstruction and Interior Design of the First Branch of Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate
2006 New Premise of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
2006 China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, Planning and Design
2006 Cheng Tian Theater, Architecture Concept Design
2006 Jinxi Haibin Hotel, Architecture Concept Design
2006 central fishing port development zone, Planning Concept Design
2005-2006 Planning and Architecture Design of Buddha Culture Scenic Spot in Yuantong Temple, Tonglu, Hangzhou
2004 Partial Interior Design and Main Building Renovation Design of China Foreign Affairs University
2004 Ya’ao Hotel Building, Beijing, Renovation Design
2004 Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Architectural Design
2003-2004 First Great Wall Conference Center, Beijing, Interior Design
2003 CA-Jinchen Software Co., Ltd., Interior Design
2002 International Tendering for US World Trade Center Reconstruction
2001 Women’s SPA Club, Kerry Center CBD Beijing, Interior Design
2000 Montmartre Entertainment City, Building Renovation and Interior Design
2000 Yangfang Shengli Group, Architecture Design
1999 Golden Sun Hotel, Interior Design
1999 Xihe Yaju, Beijing, Courtyard and interior design and construction
1999 50 years National Day celebration municipal project design
1999 Partial renovation of Thai royal family and design of municipal projects
1998 Partial Interior design of the renovation of Jianguo Hotel
1998 central government Kindergarten, building and interior design
1997 Ocean Fishing Port Seafood Restaurant, Interior Design and construction
1997 Dauphin International Group, Beijing Scitech Building, Interior Design and construction
1997 Partial Interior design of Beijing Scitech Hotel
1997 Design and construction of many boutiques such as KRIZIA in Scitech Plaza, Beijing
1996 Crystal Palace Old Shanghai Restaurant, Interior Design and construction
1996 Beijing Modern Plaza, interior design
1996 Beijing Shuang’an Department Store, interior design
1996 Haidian District People’s Procuratorate, Interior Design
1996 Ericsson Beijing company, interior design
1996 Design and reconstruction of the Cleveland Church, United States
1995 Partial interior design of Guangda Building
1995 Partial interior design of Sinochem Building
1995 dining room Phase I in the Great Hall of the People, Interior design
1995 Italian white swan restaurant, interior design
1995 Wangfujing Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, Interior Design
1995 Beijing Youth Palace, Interior Design
1995 Jing Cheng Haibawang Restaurant, Building renovation and design and construction
1994 Shenyang Friendship Hotel presidential building and administrative building, Interior design
1994 Partial interior design of Moscow Hotel, Russia
1994 Shenyang Yuning Building, Interior Design
1993 Zhengzhou Zhongzhou Hotel, Interior Design
1993 Luoyang Department Store, Interior Design
1993 Partial interior design of Building 12 of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
1993 Partial interior design of the Beijing Fuxingmen People’s Bank of China
1993 Beijing Friendship Hotel Yayuan Restaurant, Interior Design
1992 Jing Cheng Haibawang Restaurant, Design and Construction
1992 Beijing Friendship Hotel main building, Jingbin Building, Yibin Building, swimming pool, renovation and interior design
1991-1993 Beijing Friendship Hotel Friendship Palace, Renovation and Interior Design