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Wind Sculpture @MGM Cotai

∞ Harmony is a site-specific sculpture created by Wang Kaifang for the MGM Cotai Guo Pei Art Place.

The sculpture, named ∞ Harmony, is the façade, but also the structure and the interior walls. The sculpture with veil shape, made from stainless steel, with the concept of the Eastern philosophy Qi, using pneumatic experiment, 3D printing, and other techniques, to wrap a space that can display various artwork. At the same time, the space itself becomes a contemporary artwork, to express a contemporary view of the  life sciences about universe.

It is an innovative practice of new art form combining architectural design, interior space, public art, and digital sculpture, making space design more practical, closer to the public, bringing more joyful.

The work is produced by Wang Kaifang Studio and combines digital art and an endangered Chinese traditional handicraft. The precision error of the work is 1 centimeter. Eighty people spent one hundred days (120,000 hours) and used twenty-four tons of stainless steel (2,600 pieces) and three million hammers in the process. It has 1.8 million solder joints and a perimeter of 88 meters, consuming 80,000 pieces of 24K gold foil.

∞ Harmony is a space work created jointly by Wang Kaifang, Guo Pei and MGM. It is a gift to Macau, as well as to the world, and embodies painstaking efforts from everyone and the common wishes of mankind. We hope that this work can gather an auspicious atmosphere for cultural development and inheritance, for the respect and belief of mankind, and for bringing world peace to our real-life experience.

∞ Harmony embodies Wang Kaifang’s expression of art. It is not only the shape of sculpture, but also the symbiosis and co-prosperity of multiple civilizations. It is a most beautiful wish for happiness and harmony.

ARTIST: Wang Kaifang
LOCATION: Macau, China
CLIENT: MGM Grand Paradise Ltd / Guo Pei
YEAR: 2017