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Gold Brick @ Art Beijing 2017

Wang Kaifang Sculpture <Gold Brick: the Tower of Babel> @Art Beijing 2017

Just like the “Tower of Babel”, the skyscrapers built by human beings globally are reaching higher and higher towards the sky. Although the verbal communication among human beings in the current civilization is no longer a big obstacle, the divergence of mentality and ideology is getting more and more evident. Human beings are still arrogant, tending to regard themselves as the omnipotent God. As the contemporary “Tower of Babel” ascends higher and higher, our view of the surrounding world has been changing. However, how much our worldview has been changed?

When we seem to nearly catch sight of the radiance in heaven, should we continue rushing to build the “Tower of Babel” to reach heaven or should we instead be more vigilant to check the stability of the bricks beneath our feet? It’s a bumpy and adventurous journey towards the heaven. Only via devout self-inspection and cultivation, could we continuously march steadily forward and upward — just like what the ancient Latin motto tells us “Per Aspera Ad Astra”.

TheGold Brick: Tower of Babelinvites you to observe, introspect and rectify.

National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing
4.29-5.2, 2017

Gold Brick: Tower of Babel
Wang Kaifang
Stainless Steel, FRP
4 × 4 × 10.4m