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Art Is A Vital Way To Get Involved In Society

Art and design, science and philosophy are human’s perception processes. Cross-border integration is an inevitable trend. Artwork should develop in a more realistic direction, and finally understands the meaning of life and realizes the creation of new life.

Gold Brick series
About Will

Wind series
About Freedom

Galaxy K series
About Order


Besieged Gold Brick City
Art Beijing, 2019

Glorious China, Auspicious Macau
Wang Kaifang’s Gold Bricks Exhibition, Macau, 2013

From the Universe, Wang Kaifang Digital Art Exhibition
The National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), Beijing, 2013

Gold Brick: the Arrow

Brand Cooperation
Artwork Catalog

2019, Besieged Gold Brick City
2019, The Statue of Mad Liberty series
2019, The Soaring NAGA, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
2018, 1㎡ Cosmos series
2018, Gold Brick: The 24 Solar Terms series
2017, ∞ Harmony, MGM Macau
2017, Wind: Belt and Road
2017, Time Loop
2017, Gold Brick: The Maze
2017, Wind: Dragon and Phoenix
2016, Golden Wind
2016, The Elephants
2016, Golden Arrow
2016-2017, Striving for the Best, Urumqi, Xinjiang
2015, Skull-K
2015, The Five Elements, Jiaodong Cultural Square, Yantai
2015, Tower of Babel
2015, Gold Brick: The Twelve Apostles
2015, Gold Brick: Seven Word Poem
2015, Strong Gale
2015, Red Wind, Mangrove Tree Resort, Sanya
2015, Gold Brick: The Twenty-Four Histories
2015-2019, 1㎡ Sky series
2015-2016, The Blossoming, Urumqi, Xinjiang
2014, Galaxy K: Time
2014, The Dance, Wusheng, Sichuan
2014, The Glory of Indonesia, Indonesia
2014, Buddha: Bhava series
2014, The Peaceful Sky, Hague Peace Palace
2014, The Sky of Phoenix, Beijing Phoenix Center
2014, The Centuries Trading Port, Suifenhe, Heilongjiang
2013, Bull 8
2013-2019, Gold Brick with Chinese Zodiac Animals series
2013-2019, Wind series
2012, X-Time’s Wedding
2012, Mr. Lithium
2012, Hand in Hand, CSCEC 8th Bureau
2012, Compatriots
2012, The Tower of Seats
2012, Flowers
2012, Big Hug
2012-2019, Galaxy K series
2012-2019, Gold Brick series
2011, Cinnabar Palm, Legend Town, Beijing
2011, Chinese Views of the Cosmos
2011, Buddha: Beyond Appearances series
2010, Genealogy series
2010, Humanism
2010, Ink Flowers and Running Water
2010, Mahjong series
2009, Wishes of 2009
2009, Like the Flower
2009, Crystal Cockroach
2009-2010, Tiananmen series
2008, Family series
2008-2013, Power of Discourse series
2008-2012, Smoke
2006, Sitting on the Ground