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Golden Love in the Queen’s Birthday Party

Shaun the Sheep, the popular animated character from Britain, traveled to China recently to take part in the launch of a project that will benefit disadvantaged children in the country. The project, launched in Beijing last month, is part of a series of programs for the 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange.

Golden Love is the collaborative work by the renowned Chinese contemporary artist Wang Kaifang and a 6-year-old art lover Yuan Leiqi. Clothed with dazzling, sunlike gold lacquer, the big and small Shaun the Sheep carry the care and energy of the universe, perceive the love of the universe and evolve with human beings. It takes one month and several rounds of creations and experiments to finish the Shaun the Sheep. Via the application of the splash-color technique in the traditional Chinese ink paintings and the artist’s spontaneous expression, the sculptures emit impressive charisma, free spirit and great energy.