Design is Evolution

On the Origin of Species by Means of Design, by Wang Kaifang, Published in 2013

Design Detail 2015年5月刊
[Chief Editor/ Ar.Karan Grover]

The world is designed. The design is out of the wisdom of the Deities. Human being is the descendant of the Deities, evolving while studying the Deities’ designs and creations. However, all the creations by human beings are not flawless, hurting and endangering the other lives as well as themselves.

Design must be re-perceived. In view of people’s excessive productions and destructions at present, it’s more urgent than ever before for people to study humbly and devotedly from the Deities and rebuild the design philosophy, establishing the upgraded new civilization and creating the truly wonderful world. People would eventually evolve into the Deities, fulfilling their pre-bestowed mission.

Design is about perception, redemption and evolution.  

About “Gold”

Gold is the earliest, special substance coming to the earth from the universe. Carrying the miraculous energy, gold has been inlaid at the beginning of each civilization, consolidating and propelling the development of human beings. Gold is bestowed with mysterious mission.


“Gold Brick”

Everything has life. Brick is a cell for human civilization, so is human being for the civilized society. The evolution from brick to gold brick symbolizes people’s ongoing pursuit of glory and eternity. Each gold brick in this series is endowed with different appearance and sentiments, expressing the evolved direction of design from the substance design to the lives design. Human beings would eventually create perfect lives.



The universe is a gigantic life entity when perceived from the macroscopic, microscopic, material and immaterial angles. It involves diversified juxtapositions of space-time and traversing of varied wisdoms. Everything in the universe is interlinked with each other and people’s wisdom should be linked with the Grand Wisdom.

“Galaxy-K” series could be the miniaturized universe, could it be the magnified cell. It symbolizes the interrelated society as well as the complicated and interactive human relationship in the society, guiding the design thinking to go further and broader.



The wind is the breath of the earth and it’s intangible substance. The “Wind” series reflect the transfer between the material and the immaterial, the transient and the eternal, the static and the dynamic, all realized via design. The future design should be evolved from designing the material to designing the immaterial. The view of the world as well as the view of life should all be incorporated into the scope of design, which is much more important than the designing of materials itself. People’s ultimate design in the future could allow his traversing freely from being visible to invisible and from space to time. People would eventually evolve into the Deities, who are overlooking us from above.


“Nothingness” is a wise design, so is the design of death. People’s creations and productions bring garbage and harm to the world. Why don’t we create less “being” while we haven’t fully perceived “nothing”? Why don’t we give less “birth” while we haven’t fully perceived “death”? Let’s be humble and sit on the ground, feeling the pulse of the earth and perceiving the Grand Wisdom…

If the universe is regarded as the finite space, then all the designs by human beings are “interior design”.

Broader Mind, Greater Design.