Wind and Cloud

24K Gold, Stainless Steel

Wind and Cloud created by Wang kaifang, is a sculpture for Tengda International Center. It is located in Hehe Culture Park in Taizhou, Zhejiang, expressing the Oriental cosmology of harmonious coexistence.

Wind and Cloud comes from the Book of Changes: “the dragon comes with cloud, the tiger comes with wind,  the sages are seen by all.” In ancient times, it was used as a metaphor said that wise men and warriors come together. In modern times, it is used to express the progressive spirit of the times of harmony and strength.

The work is made of stainless steel with 24-karat gold foil on the surface, using a variety of digital technologies to show the changing weather, integrating the beauty of the artistic conception of Taihu stone and silk in traditional culture, there is an changeable and endless natural momentum, also a Qi of Taiji to combine strength and softness.

ARTIST: Wang Kaifang
ARTWORK TITLE: Wind and Cloud
PROJECT: Tengda International Center
LOCATION: Taizhou, Zhejiang
CLIENT: Tengda Construction Group Co., Ltd.
YEAR: 2021