Blessing Tree

24K Gold, Stainless Steel, 3D printing PLA

Blessing Tree, created by Wang Kaifang, is a site-specific sculpture made for the Laomiao Jewelry Shanghai Jingrong Building store. Laomiao brings you good luck is the corporate slogan of the Laomiao, artist hopes to use this sculpture to express the Good Luck in a new way.

Different from traditional custom, the artist hopes to express “good luck” should be striving for it instead of begging. “Good luck” is a combination of wishing, hard work and fortune. Only through striving and climbing step by step can we have the good luck at the end.

Artist: Wang Kaifang
Technical team: Wang Pai, Yu Qingyang, Li Jia
Art consultants: Wang Jianwei, Belinda Chen
Completion Date: September 3, 2020