Six Artists Talked About Sexy

from FHM China, August, 2016

Edit + interview + text = You Zhi
Photography = Jiang Nan ( ASTUDIO ) Photography Assistant = Zhao Wei + Xiao Fei + Xiao Da Makeup = Li Nuo (Dong Tian Model) + Li Xiaodong Special Acknowledgement = Apollo Art Network

The artist’s brain circuit and ordinary people have never been on a channel, like Van Gogh’s inner sorrow to cut his ears, this thing can not be done except the artist. During the entire interview, the film was often notified at two or three o’clock in the morning:
“Tomorrow you xx come over.”
Of course, there is also that great thing: “Is I wearing too much?”
Usually, they are words of life, soul, energy, evolution, and the words of the fireworks. However, we have to make them particularly grounded, and especially full of sensuality, so we talked about sex together.

Wang Kaifang: The topic begins with the origin of the species

Artists, architects, designers.
1967 Born in Beijing diplomat family
1991 Graduated from Beijing Jianzhu University, Department of Architecture

Major awards
China’s 2012 “Most Influential Artist”
2012 China Design Person of the Year
Deputy Director of the China Public Art Committee
Wang Kaifang’s works have been continuously carried by China’s “Shenzhou 8”, “Shenzhou 9” and “Shenzhou 10” spaceships. It is currently the only contemporary artist in China to receive this honor.

Wang Kaifang’s studio is now the “Barefoot Season”. No matter who, you must take off your shoes and barefoot. Many employees will wear a pair of slippers, but Wang Kaifang does not hold a folding fan in his hand, wearing a knee-length shirt robes, a calf trousers, barefoot and big fairy floating in the studio, even if the soles of the feet go dark. . This is a very comfortable and comfortable thing for Wang Kaifang.

It’s not easy to talk to someone who is so popular. The topic begins with the origin of the earth. The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, and water appeared 4.3 billion years ago. The first living cell appeared 3.6 billion years ago, and humans only came 3 million years ago. Start to survive on earth. So sexy, it originated from the aesthetics of ancient Rome, the aesthetic concentration in the shape of the muscles, the lines of the trunk.

“It has to be said that most modern people still have their aesthetics on the body. At this level, fitness is the constant stimulation of local muscles, thus forming the ultimate sturdy effect.” In Wang Kaifang’s view, this is the human being’s exploration of the limits. Experiments, but this kind of exploration does not have much benefit to the human body itself, but also hurts. “On all wisdom, there is also a great wisdom. It designs everything, including humans. This great wisdom is the West. Jesus, the East is Sakyamuni, but it can be something else.” Here, Wang Kaifang reminded me that “I use the word design, design means there is a limit, just as humans run no matter how fast. It is impossible to be faster than a leopard. So, in his eyes, this excessive pursuit of extremes is a pathological, including the pursuit of beauty, happiness and happiness.

Wang Kaifang has a wide range of cross-border architecture, design, sculpture, and oil painting. Just like his philosophy of life: he is more powerful than Taoism, more peaceful than infinity, and pursuing an inclusive, comfortable and constantly evolving harmony. During the trip, he will see the softness and lightness of the marble engraving layer, and will also appreciate the elasticity and tension of life under the skin surface. It is this expression that makes the original cold stone have temperature and emotion, become texture and sexy. He said: “This kind of experience will make the whole trip easy and beautiful.” In his favorite work “One Flat Meter”, he tried to present non-material things in a materialized form. The wind that does not have its own physical form is materialized with gold, quantified by square meters, and the moment of the wind from the sky is displayed on a flat rice cloth. The posture of the work also shows a kind of elegant and free oriental Zen through the change of line form.

“This is also the attachment of my own body and shape. Different gestures are my different emotions, and also my expression of sex.”

He stretched and twisted his arms and waist, trying to copy his work with his own body.

But how can an artist stay at the material level? Now Wang Kaifang is exploring new philosophical issues – virtual matter. According to the theory of the origin of species, the evolution of matter to virtual matter is also the inevitable result of evolution.

Wang Kaifang said: “Culture should be an evolution. In the past, in the plane of culture and philosophy, we should go up. If our ancestors saw that we still hold the past, they will be disappointed. Evolution does not deny them. Of course, in Wang Kaifang’s philosophical system, sex also needs to evolve. He believes that the future of people’s sexy, whether exposed, publicity, no matter whether it is reserved, elegant, just need to see if this is in line with his sexy? Is it possible to express his true and interesting original appearance? If the answer is yes, it is a kind of sexy.

“If you want to find a future sexy endorsement, what would you choose?” I asked.

“Look, what you are talking about is material.” Wang Kaifang haha ​​smiled and replied.